The Story of Rethinking Plastic


Every minute, 20,000 kilos of plastic enter our Ocean. To date, an estimated 8.300 million metric tons have been produced, of which 9% has been recycled, 12% incinerated, and roughly 79% accumulating in either landfill or the natural environment.

These are some of the numbers that illustrate the size of the challenge that is before us to change our relationship towards, and the use of, what we once thought of as a wonder material. We believe that designers play an essential role in this transformation.

That’s why we developed Rethinking Plastic. This platform was created to demonstrate the potential of design thinking in developing solutions to the plastic crisis. Each product or project we display is challenging the status quo and inspiring us to think differently, showing that with some creativity and willingness, it’s possible to rebuild our relationship with plastic, to leave behind a cleaner ocean for future generations.


From World Oceans Day until now

On World Oceans Day 2019, Searious Business, launched the Rethinking Plastic platform in collaboration with the Dutch Design Foundation and Yksi Expo in the form of an exhibition and online gallery. The collection showcased more than 60 designers, which were exhibited at Yksi Expo between the 8th and 25th June 2019. After this first success, more designers were added for the expo during Dutch Design Week 2019.

Each product or project on display took a unique approach to the plastic challenge, from bio-based packaging alternatives to recycled plastic toys and design furniture. This exhibition remains more permanently in the form of an online gallery on this website, under World Oceans Day 2019’.



20190607 Searious Business Grid LR - (c) Oscar Vinck.jpg

Meanwhile, at Searious Business we’ve been developing our own gallery to showcase the designs we’ve determined to have the most potential in making an impact from a circular economy point of view. The criteria we use to determine the rankings and inclusion of designs is based on the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s three principles of circular design. These designs are collected on this website under the Gallerypage.